Lane Control Sign

Tunnel Lane Control & Message Signs

Leaders in the UK market, Thermotor signs are operating through out the UK in tunnel installations, enhancing safety through an unparalleled level of control and long-term reliability. Signs are built to operate in hostile environments, cope with complex traffic plans whilst meeting stringent safety standards for group & lane interlocking.

Products / Features

  • Lane Control (LCS & TLCS)
  • Integrated Speed Roundels
  • Portal (PLCS)
  • Stainless and GRP Enclosures
  • Red & Amber Conspicuity Lanterns
  • Vehicle Segregation
  • Aspect Interlock
  • Back-to-Back Interlock
  • Contraflow Lane Safety Interlock
  • Wayfinder Boards
  • Vehicle Information & Emergency Messages
  • Pedestrian Message Boards
  • Toll Plaza & Vehicle Marshalling
  • Ambient Light Adjustment
  • Distribution Panels, Power Supplies & associated Cabling
  • TSRGD, DMRB, BS EN 12966, TR 2136, TR 2156

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