Pedestrian Control & Street Furniture

Thermotor were the first to get full type approval for Near Side Demand Units and these have supplied for many years to local authorities and area maintenance teams throughout the UK. Thermotor also work with Safety Camera Partnerships and School Safety Zone Initiatives to supply a range of signage to make drivers more aware of any potential hazards.

Products / Features

  • Nearside Demand Units - Puffin and Toucan
  • Narrow Angle of View Displays
  • Pushbutton & Display Repeaters
  • On-Crossing Pedestrian & Vehicle Detection
  • Cycle Lane Warning & Control
  • School Safety Zones with Timing Controls
  • Flashing Beacons
  • Mobile Speed Indicating Device
  • Neighbourhood Speed Warning
  • Safety Camera Partnership Initiatives
  • Retail Park Management
  • ANPR Vehicle Recognition

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